Fire Safety Knowledge Training for “Safe Production Month”

Fire Safety Knowledge Training for “Safe Production Month”

2019-07-24 11:04:07 90

    In order to strengthen the implementation of the company's safety production, fire safety and other requirements, further increase the fire safety awareness of all employees of Kaitong Electronics, improve the self-prevention and self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities of employees, on the afternoon of June 29, 2019, in the Kaitong meeting room Production safety and fire safety knowledge training, all team leaders and above have participated in the training.图片关键词   

In the training class, Sun Guoqiang first explained the laws and regulations related to safety production. After explaining the situation, combined with the shocking fire cases that occurred in recent years, he vividly expounded the importance and severity of fire safety work in the form of video and pictures. At the same time, from the four aspects of fire prevention, fire fighting, escape, self-help, the fire formation process, the induced factors, the escape method and the type and operation method of the fire extinguisher are introduced in detail. Finally, he talked about fire safety knowledge such as gas and electrical safety operation specifications and household fire extinguishing equipment.

       Through this training, everyone said that they will voluntarily assume the responsibility and obligation of fire safety work, abide by various fire safety systems, and attach importance to fire safety work from the depth of thought.


Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00(Legal holiday break)

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